Satsang & Meditation

Friday Evening Mindfulness and Meditation @ Various locations (Cheshire)

We host monthly Satsang evenings, offering a friendly and social setting for meditation and mindfulness. During each session, we lead a guided meditation and facilitate discussions on various topics. Our goal is to create a relaxed environment where attendees can unwind and connect with like-minded individuals, without any pressure to perform or achieve.

The evenings are offered free of charge, however, as an exchange of energy, we encourage attendees to bring a dish to share. This helps create a communal atmosphere, as we coordinate food and drinks (including a variety of teas) among attendees. Join us for an enjoyable end to the week, where you can focus on mindfulness, yoga, and a brief meditation, all in the company of others.

What is Satsang?

Satsang is sharing ideas with like-minded people. It is often led by an experienced yoga practitioner and gives us the opportunity to ask questions about different aspects of yoga. This may be to seek advice on personal practice, to clarify any queries about any of the practices or a philosophical enquiry. Those present may also share their experiences to help others.
(Taken from the Mandala Yoga Ashram website)

We are a group of friendly individuals who share a passion for exploring the deeper aspects of yoga beyond what is covered in regular classes.

Our evenings typically include:

  1. Meet and greet
  2. Introduction to the evening
  3. Meditation of varying duration, based on the preference of the group
  4. Discussion on a chosen topic, such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Karma Yoga, or any other relevant subject
  5. Group sharing and Q&A
  6. Attendees are welcome to stay for as long as they like

Feel free to bring your own chair or yoga mat for meditation, or simply relax in a comfortable position. There’s no need to worry about sitting cross-legged. We’re open to modifying the format as needed, so the evening can best serve the group’s needs.

Space is limited to 10 places so we need to know for each session if you would like to come. Please if you do know the address, don’t just turn up unless we have you down for that week’s session. We want to avoid a crowded feeling. Please contact us to find out more, like location (Crewe, Cheshire), start time and if there are places or anything else you need to know.

Add yourself to our contact list (select satsang option) to be included in Satsang evening communications.


“Yoga Satsang is a welcome oasis in the middle of my busy and often chaotic life. The meditation gives me an opportunity to let go off the stresses of the day and reconnect with my inner self… the discussion of the yoga sutras which follows always gives me something beneficial to take away and reflect on… the sharing of food creates a sense of community and deepens relationships. The evening ends with random chatting about everything from the practise of yoga to Monty Python and much more inbetween. Russell and Ania’s hospitality and warmth create a relaxing end to the week which I recommend wholeheartedly.” Cath

Yoga Bija (A.k.a. Russell) and Ania