Yogi Superhero

If you have children aged between 3 and 8 please give “Yogi Super Hero” a look on amazon. It’s an amazing book, everyone who has seen it has thought the same. Be a shame if you don’t at least checkout this lovely book written by Ania Smithers.
Click here to see Yogi Super Hero

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Vagus Nerve

Just been reading an article about the vagus nerve. Wanted to share with you all. In  yoga we do all sorts of things which help tone the vagus nerve and the article is very applicable to everyone, especially yoga students.


Take a deep breath. Hug a friend. Reach for the ceiling and stretch your limbs. Each of these simple acts bestows a sense of calm and comfort. And each works its soothing magic in part by activating a complicated system of nerves that connects the brain to the heart, the gut, the immune system, and many of the organs. That system is known collectively as the vagus nerve.


So next time your doing some yoga spare a litt;e thought for the vagus nerve and it’s impact to health.

Image taken from: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/vagus-nerve-key-health/

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Happy Christmas

See you on the Tuesday 7th January, ready for 7pm start. More details click here.


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Class Fess – 2020

Class fees (Adults 18 up) from 2020 are £7 cash, and £7.15 card payment.

This is the first price rise since I started teaching at the parish hall (many years). There have been about 3 price rises in hall hire during that time, and it’s gone up again in 2020.

This feels like a fair price considering, especially if you look at class costs and the length and content of the class.

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Om and Mandukya Upanishad

In yoga Om is often chanted and you may have heard about Om, or Aum. There is also alot of symbolic meaning within the Om symbol as well. The meaning of Om can also be found in the Mandukya Upanishad which is one of the key yogic texts.

I just came accross an online version of the Manukya upanishad and whats more you can download it as a PDF too, for free. Many thanks indeed to Swami Krishnananda. The link is just below;


I hope you enjoy reading about Om and the four states of consciousness.


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