Ujjayi Pranayama

The word ujjayi means victorious and helps to bring calmness and clarity to the mind. It is a relaxing practice that has many uses in yoga and daily life. Ujjayi is a good preparatory practice for Nadi Shodhana and can be combined with Kechari Mudra and yoga asana.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Nadi means channel and shodhana means purification. In this practice we balance energies of the body; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, or in yogic terms Ida and Pingala. It helps to keep the nostrils clear.  This practice has various levels, its always best to start simply and gradually progress through the stages. Initially start with natural breath length in and out, then move on to counting the breath and using equal in and out breath. One these stages have been explored and stabilized, the further stages can be explore. Start with a ration of 1:1, same count for in hale and exhale. When and only when your breath is comfortable with the initial stages can you can progress to 1:2. Breathing should never be strained, adapt the practice to your breathing capabilities and evolve the practice gently.

Yoga Nidra

A relaxation practice that allows one to explore their inner world and use sankalpa for personal evolution.

Antar Mouna Meditation

Antar means inner and Mouna means silence. This is a powerful meditation the effects of which last beyond the practice itself. We start by settling the body, moving on to body and sound awareness (stage 1), moving to the inner space. At which point in stage 2 we become aware of thoughts. Stage 3 we creating thoughts and then let them go, on to the next created thought and so on. Stage 4 is where we watch our thoughts and think them over before clearing them away. Stage 5 is when we clear away thoughts as soon as they arise. In class we generally only have time for stage 1 and maybe stage 2.