Free Wellbeing Session in October

Breathing for Balance in Daily Living

Please join me for a free 30 minute session at the October Mind Body Spirit Event – Nantwich on 28th and 29th.

The session will provide a technique to use which is suitable even when time is limited. It has the potential to de-stress, bring calmness to mind and stability to body. In our fast pace lives this is an essential skill to know and apply. This session is suitable to anyone, regardless if they practice yoga or not. There is no yoga requirement to practice this technique, but it will be very useful to yogis and non-yogis alike.


The breathing process and the role of the breath are often taken for granted. Modern society and culture rarely give any focus to wellbeing unless you have a personal interest. The information and people to help, educate, and share are available. It’s just that usually we have to actively seek it out. The body, its physiology and their importance in our lives in the wider sense are also overlooked.


The breath and how we breath is an essential element in a happy, enjoyable and productive life.  There are other elements which are essential in wellbeing and happiness such as; posture, food & drink, and the mind for example. Without due care and attention in our lives to these essential elements we are holding our selves back before we get started. We are basically putting obstacles in our way without knowing it.


The sessions will provide the experience and tools, based on the breath, which can be used for enhancing wellbeing. Used appropriately it is possible to improve happiness, and reduce stress and that’s just for starters. It can also become the gateway for spiritual development.

There will be some handouts. By the end of the session you will have experience the power of the breath and have used some techniques for daily use.


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Mind Body Spirit Fair – Nantwich – March

Please come along for a free session at the Nantwich Mind Body Spirit fair this weekend (4th/5th March). Details of the event can be found at

Ania ( will be leading a partner yoga session at 2pm (Sat + Sun) with myself. Then at 2.30pm (Sat + Sun) I will be sharing  a breathing practice that can be used to increase well being. We will breifly look at what efficient breathing is and why its important in daily life for well being.


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This Month

Warm greetings,


How topical it is that February is a very yogic month. Did you know that yoga is a system of purification? In yogic terms this is in relation to all the human dimensions, from the gross (body) to the more subtle elements.

“The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification” (


This month we focus on letting go as a means to purification (cleansing). On a physical level easing into postures to achieve a longer muscle (not a stretch). You can let go and relaxation can arise. I’m not sure it’s possible to “relax”. Can you really stretch a muscle? Why not join me and see if you agree or have a different perspective you would like to share.


We explore a simpler pranayama thereby avoiding the distractions that can arise with more sophisticated practices. The Om Article will be available but if you would like an Ashram Newsletter please ask me as I have temporarily run out of copies.


January handouts (now printer working) available for those who didn’t get one for last month.


Classes each Tuesday this month at the usual place and time. Full class details at;


Suggestions and feedback always welcome.


Satsang/social/meditation evening dates are; 24th Feb, 31st March, 28th April, 19th May, 30th June. I mention in case your interested and are not on the Satsang list. More info @


Health and happiness,

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