Free Day of Yoga

The British Wheel of Yoga, North West Region are holding a free day of yoga. It is free to those who are British Wheel of yoga members. The day will be held in November. My advice if you would like to attend is to become a member as soon as you can. You need time for the proof of membership to be sent to you.

Consider how much a full day of yoga would cost you. You will see that the membership is worth it just for the free day of yoga. However, consider all the other benefits and annual membership of the BWY is a very good deal indeed. To become a member or learn more about becoming a member click here for more information.

The day roughly speaking will include (but not limited too) :-

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Yoga philosophy

Details of the day will be posted to the British Wheel of Yoga North West website in the coming weeks. I am expecting it to be held in Rixton on Saturday 28th November.

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July News

August 4th
(No classes during remainder of July)

NEW Yoga Class – 2016 October 2015: Im thinking of starting a new yoga class suitable for people who want something more than the present class offers. Would you be interested? if you are, take a look at details of the Moving Sun Meditation class details and let me know what you think. Please share this email with anyone you feel may be interested.

Interested in learning more about yoga? Then please take a look at the Introduction to Yoga Philosophy I wrote recently.

Vouchers for FREE Classes : These are now available for people wanting to raffle prizes for charity fundraising events. Click vouchers for more info.

Two Classes for Price of One, Testamonial : Can you provide a testamonial? I am looking for 5 testamonials and will offer the 5 winners two classes for price of one. I was thinking of only using first name to be anonymous but at the same time real for people reading them. Decision will be around October.

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Yoga Matts

New matts for sale. Please ask in advance of yoga class as I will only bring them when needed. Colours available; Red, Light Blue and Dark Blue.

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South of France Yoga

A couple of friends of mine have moved to the south of France and are starting to teach yoga. Please feel free to visit there website to find out more;

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How often do you experience who you are, and how you are, free of distractions and mental turmoil?

This ability, skill or however we refer to it, is available to us all. It is our right and human heritage to be able to experience who we are. Except, it seems that our present culture/society does not seem to show us, or help us see and develop this ability to experience ourselves free of distractions. This capacity we have is important. The benefits of exercising this ability are many, but unfortunantly appreciation and knowledge of this are hidden to most. People who meditate, or those who practice yoga for example, end up finding and appreciating this human feature.

One way to start to explore this is to attend a yoga class where the awareness and ability to concentrate and shift your awareness will be developed. In time you might start practicing yoga/relaxation/meditation at home.

These sorts of practices have  a couple of effects, the immediate one during practice, and the accumulative one which is even more applicable for those who practice regularly. There is also the fading after affect of a sessions. I have had several students tell me just comming to class once a week has a positive effect on their week following and a destressing effect during.

The benefits are;

  • an unfolding and increasing ability to be find and experience relaxation and calmer sense of being
  • ability to switch into and maintain a calm/relaxed state
  • improved body condition – strength, flexibility and muscle tone
  • confidence
  • well being
  • improved breathing
  • healthier states of mind
  • self understanding
  • self control
  • self mastery
  • … and many others as well



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