Please see the comments from students regarding the Tuesday evening mixed ability class.


Just under a year ago I was encouraged to give yoga a try by my wife, who had been going for a little while. I was more than a little apprehensive, male, late 40,s with thoughts of leggings and Lycra terrifying me. I needn’t have worried as Russell was welcoming, encouraging and extremely supportive to me and any other newbies. He keeps things on a understandable and interesting level, but us always delighted to highlight and enhance any further details if we ask. It’s a lovely class that we now both avidly look forward to every week, keep up the excellent work ; ))



When I decided to find a yoga class it was because I wanted some time for myself and a chance to meet a new group like minded people. I feel very lucky to have found Russell’s yoga class.

His warm welcome was very disarming and made me feel at home right away and everybody was friendly. Over the 2 years I have been going it has had a big impact on all areas of my life in a positive way.

I was looking for a more traditional, spiritual approach to yoga than I had imagined many yoga classes would be and I have found that in Russell’s class. He is warm and joyful with a laid back approach that I find very easy to get along with. It’s a multi level class and he always takes care of everybody’s needs and helps everyone to get what they can from the class. His knowledge and experience of yoga are deep and he is always willing to share and encourage which has been very helpful to me. He is very understanding and tuned in to what you might find useful. His teaching is clear and as he says. “It’s not all about the postures”. His class is great for the body but also the mind which is one of the most helpful things about yoga. . The monthly Satsang he holds at home with his wife Anja is a great way to get to share experiences and ask questions and relax in good company.

I would recommend Russell to anyone interested In yoga.



Negative Points – NONE whatsoever !
Positive Points – All of it, Absolutely Luved it !

I liked the Relaxed Feel of the Class which was especially welcoming for the ‘Newbie’ and also that you went in ‘easy’ as my Body is Grateful for that this morning as i had some Lovely Aches last night and this morning, I saw lovely as they are all even on both sides of my body which for me is a Good thing and i don’t mind it at all 🙂

Also during the class none of my muscular and ‘other’ issues showed up, not even in the slightest, they might do in the future with different moves but for now, all good 🙂

The Room was also pleasantly Draft Free and Nice and Warm which actually did surprise me for an old church hall on a winters evening and i was imagining some chilly draughty room, so again all good 🙂 I could be wrong here but did i even here the room ‘resonating’ during the ‘Om Chanting’, sure i did.



2017 and earlier

As a dog groomer I suffer back pain due to posture and lifting. I see a chiropractor which helps, but she strongly recommend I take up yoga. I have so far attended 5 classes with Russell Smithers over 6 weeks. The difference in me is ASTOUNDING! I never thought i could reduce the pain I suffered so much or so quickly. Every class is different and interesting, time really well spent. Thank you Russell.

Random thoughts on Yoga with Russell – Great!
Healthy body-strengthening stretches.
Mind-calming concentration.
Sleep-inducing relaxation!
Above all, ejoyable!

I have been attending Russell’s drop in yoga sessions in Nantwich on and off for a number of years now. Russell’s classes suit a wide range of people and he has an embracing style working with each person’s individual capabilities. As well as doing the physical postures, Russell incorporates a short session focussing on breathing techniques and ends with relaxation.

Russell’s classes are relaxed and friendly and he is welcoming to all people and keen to share his enthusiasm about yoga. I particularly like the fact that he wants yoga to be for everyone whatever their age or capability and that he will provide adjustments during the classes to suit individual needs.

Russell patiently demonstrates every pose… no pressure – you do as much or as little as you want to. This 70 year old beginner enjoys every class.

A good variety of hatha yoga, pranayama and relaxation makes for an enjoyable and relaxing class.

I have been going to yoga classes, which is very professionally run by Russell Smithers on a tues evening. It has helped with several joint issues and health problems. I have found it to be a pleasant relaxing evening and certainly feel better afterwards. I would certainly recommend it, for all ages. I just wish I could get there more often.

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