Mentoring – Interested?

I teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness. As a dedicated teacher I ponder on the best way to teach and support the people I share yoga with. It matters to me that yoga is shared authentically in a way everyone can relate too. Practical down to earth teaching and tools from the yoga tradition for results and spiritual growth.

Recently I started the 50 classes gift for anyone who attends 50 of my classes (see here). Today I want to set an intention for a mentoring program.

Are any of the following of interest to you?

  • develop a personal asana practice which is; safe, effective and specific to my needs
  • explore meditation and develop a mediation practice
  • explore other aspects of yoga which I may not have heard of or know anything about
  • explore the tools of yoga in relation to issues in my life or body by using appropriate tools from the yoga tradition
  • apply yoga to daily life and make it more real
  • be introduced too, and explore key yoga texts with experienced guidance and insights
  • chanting
  • mantra
  • mudra
  • cleansing practices
  • … and much more!

Should any of the above interest you the mentoring program may be what you have been looking for.

At the moment it is free to anyone who has attended a minimum of 25 classes and is actively attending classes. Having attended 25 classes your dedication to yoga is clear, and the connection between teacher and student is sound. As such 25 classes is a good foundation to build a mentoring relationship upon.

Please contact me if your interested, I would be very interested to hear from anyone regardless of how many classes you have attended. I am open to changes and ideas in relation to mentoring program. This is just an intention and something I hope to grow into something more tangible.


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Yoga Science and Om

Here is a must see video. Must see if you like science or yoga (inc. meditation). Like both, they you should watch this video. One of the best videos ive seen.



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Free Wellbeing Session in October

Breathing for Balance in Daily Living

Please join me for a free 30 minute session at the October Mind Body Spirit Event – Nantwich on 28th and 29th.

The session will provide a technique to use which is suitable even when time is limited. It has the potential to de-stress, bring calmness to mind and stability to body. In our fast pace lives this is an essential skill to know and apply. This session is suitable to anyone, regardless if they practice yoga or not. There is no yoga requirement to practice this technique, but it will be very useful to yogis and non-yogis alike.


The breathing process and the role of the breath are often taken for granted. Modern society and culture rarely give any focus to wellbeing unless you have a personal interest. The information and people to help, educate, and share are available. It’s just that usually we have to actively seek it out. The body, its physiology and their importance in our lives in the wider sense are also overlooked.


The breath and how we breath is an essential element in a happy, enjoyable and productive life.  There are other elements which are essential in wellbeing and happiness such as; posture, food & drink, and the mind for example. Without due care and attention in our lives to these essential elements we are holding our selves back before we get started. We are basically putting obstacles in our way without knowing it.


The sessions will provide the experience and tools, based on the breath, which can be used for enhancing wellbeing. Used appropriately it is possible to improve happiness, and reduce stress and that’s just for starters. It can also become the gateway for spiritual development.

There will be some handouts. By the end of the session you will have experience the power of the breath and have used some techniques for daily use.


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