Preparing for a class

The guidelines below will help you experience an enjoyable and successful yoga class;

  •  Wear comfortable clothing
    • Loose or flexible clothing that doesn’t restrict your range of motion
    • Ensure clothing doesn’t restrict your movements
    • Enhances the relaxation and pranayama parts of class, especially if using layers
  • Bring an extra layer and/or light blanket
    • for relaxation at the end of the class as core temperature will drop a little
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before (or earlier if your new or have questions) class starts
    • This enables the class to start on time.
  • Yoga mat

    • Nantwich
      • bring one with you if you have one or borrow one (only 5, first come first served)
      • Have you been borrowing a mat for 3-4 weeks or more? if yes, then please arrange to bring a mat with you to free up the loan mat for some one new.
    • Crewe – this venue has its own collection of yoga mats, or if you prefer bring your own
    • Yoga mats are needed during the class as both venues have wooden floors.
    • Mats are important for stability in standing postures and cushions body parts such as knees
  • Allow time between eating and the start of class
    • An hour for small/light meals or longer depending on the size of the meal
  • Please bring any props with you that you may find useful
    • such as straps, cushions, blankets etc, that you may have
    • please look after your self by bringing what you need.
  • Inform me about changes to your health
    • This is so that I can take your needs into account during class

Progression to more advance practice in the class and/or your own practice
For those who want more out of the class you will have the opportunity to apply more advance techniques that we learn in some classes to all your classes. It’s best to let me know if you want to work in a more advanced way, that will ensure I give you some extra pointers although it is always good to have students come to me to discuss as and when they would like to progress.

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