Mantra Yoga

Mantra yoga is the practice of repeating a phrase. Usually sanskrit as the sounds have a special effect, although positive words such as love could also be used. Mantra has a number of purposes and can be used in a number of ways. I shall initially share a few ways to use mantra and some benefits. Simple article at this stage although may update it the future.

Mantras help to disperse the chatter of the mind,bringing inner calm and putting us in contact with deeper levels of our Being. The sound vibrations help us to become more aware of patterns in the subconscious, and where necessary, come to terms with them and start to eliminate their negative impact from our lives. Then we start to experience spaciousness within.(

The following are some suggestions based on when and how I personally use mantra.

  • When your trying to sleep and negative thoughts arise, it can help sooth and relax you so you fall asleep
  • During the day during periods of time when you don’t need to use the thinking mind, mantra can help to clear and still the mind. Periods of time such as in the shower or during house work for example.
  • As a practice in its own right. For example you will benefit from experiencing the world without the colouring of the mind. Pure experience.
    • Sitting practice with a mala
    • Longer period of time changing between sitting, walking standing etc.

These are just some ways and some benefits. Certainly not an exhaustive explanation of mantra or comprehensive list of ways to practice (and their benefits).


A few sample mantras you could try are:-

  • Om
  • Om shanti
  • Om shanti shanti shantie
  • Love
  • The gayatri mantra if you want something longer.


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