Karma Yoga

Karma yoga has long been an interest of mine. It has helped me greatly with all aspects of my life and something im happy to discuss should you want to know more. Originally inspired by the baghavad gita to take up karma yoga. The wellbeing and peace of mind experienced through applying karma yoga in daily life are natural motivators to continue its practice.

The ideal of karma yoga is to be totally in the here and now, to do what is appropriate under a given set of circumstances, to the best of our ability. There is no expectation of any reward, gratitude or recognition, and we are not overly concerned with the outcome.


Karma yoga can be applied to your day job. A number of years ago I decided to approach my job as a karma yoga practice. I can’t tell you how much difference that made to my wellbeing at work. Although there are always challenges in the work place, treating your work/job as a karma yoga practice is very effective.

Karma yoga can also be attempted in other ways. For example at an ashram there may be periods of time when you will do jobs or tasks around the ashram. These tasks or jobs would be done within the scope of a karma yoga practice.

Do you have good english language skills and feel you could assist with wording and language elements of this website? If you do, you could help me with spelling, grammar and anything else that would improve readability of this site for visitors. This would be a Karma yoga practice, volunteering if you will. In fact volunteering can be an excellent focus for a karma yoga practice.


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