Om Tuesday – Hatha


Tuesday Evening Yoga Class @ St Mary’s Parish Hall (Nantwich, Cheshire)

No need to book, simply check the class schedule below and turn up. You will find a relaxing and calming class with good stretching, exploring the body, breath and mind to increase your sense of well-being. I welcome feedback and suggestions from students.

Schedule (click entry for more information)

  • Starts at 19:00
    • Please turn up 5 minutes (or more) before so we can start on time
    • 90 minutes at £6
    • Have you been borrowing a mat for 3-4 weeks or more? if yes, then please arrange to bring a mat with you to free up the loan mat for some one new.
  • Please take a look at the guidelines for a successful yoga class before arriving.

Please click here to learn more about the classes.

Details of Venue

Location is at St Mary’s Parish Hall, car park located off hospital street, use post code CW5 5RQ for the car park (free after 6pm). Or look at St mary’s Parish Hall Website for directions and location information. Entrance is through the front door, which will be unlocked, take the door on the left as you come in, walk upstairs. First door right in front of you, also next to the new lift.

Mini map of local area with hall highlighted. From

Map showing where hall is. From



View of parish hall

View looking at parish hall entrance, bottom left of picture. In front of church big doors to one side next to the big bit of grass area in front of church.


Yoga Bija


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