Mind Body Spirit Fair – Nantwich – March

Please come along for a free session at the Nantwich Mind Body Spirit fair this weekend (4th/5th March). Details of the event can be found at www.rosemarydouglas.com/nantwich-4th5th-march-2017.

Ania (orangelotusyoga.co.uk) will be leading a partner yoga session at 2pm (Sat + Sun) with myself. Then at 2.30pm (Sat + Sun) I will be sharing  a breathing practice that can be used to increase well being. We will breifly look at what efficient breathing is and why its important in daily life for well being.


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This Month

Warm greetings,


How topical it is that February is a very yogic month. Did you know that yoga is a system of purification? In yogic terms this is in relation to all the human dimensions, from the gross (body) to the more subtle elements.

“The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February)


This month we focus on letting go as a means to purification (cleansing). On a physical level easing into postures to achieve a longer muscle (not a stretch). You can let go and relaxation can arise. I’m not sure it’s possible to “relax”. Can you really stretch a muscle? Why not join me and see if you agree or have a different perspective you would like to share.


We explore a simpler pranayama thereby avoiding the distractions that can arise with more sophisticated practices. The Om Article will be available but if you would like an Ashram Newsletter please ask me as I have temporarily run out of copies.


January handouts (now printer working) available for those who didn’t get one for last month.


Classes each Tuesday this month at the usual place and time. Full class details at; http://yoga-bija.me.uk/classes/nantwich/


Suggestions and feedback always welcome.


Satsang/social/meditation evening dates are; 24th Feb, 31st March, 28th April, 19th May, 30th June. I mention in case your interested and are not on the Satsang list. More info @ http://yoga-bija.me.uk/classes/satsang


Health and happiness,

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Get the free Mandala Yoga Ashram Newsletter

Please ask me if you would like the free Mandala Yoga Ashram newsletter. They are a registered charity and create a newsletter each year. It contains articles, photos and details of courses they offer. Each year I receive a number of these newsletters to distribute. Its always nice to share them. I can get more if I run out so don’t worry about asking for one, there is enough to go around.

Alternatively you can go to their website. You can then download the PDF or, request a paper copy be sent to you.



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How often do you experience who you are, and how you are, free of distractions and mental turmoil?

This ability, skill or however we refer to it, is available to us all. It is our right and human heritage to be able to experience who we are. Except, it seems that our present culture/society does not seem to show us, or help us see and develop this ability to experience ourselves free of distractions. This capacity we have is important. The benefits of exercising this ability are many, but unfortunantly appreciation and knowledge of this are hidden to most. People who meditate, or those who practice yoga for example, end up finding and appreciating this human feature.

One way to start to explore this is to attend a yoga class where the awareness and ability to concentrate and shift your awareness will be developed. In time you might start practicing yoga/relaxation/meditation at home.

These sorts of practices have  a couple of effects, the immediate one during practice, and the accumulative one which is even more applicable for those who practice regularly. There is also the fading after affect of a sessions. I have had several students tell me just comming to class once a week has a positive effect on their week following and a destressing effect during.

The benefits are;

  • an unfolding and increasing ability to be find and experience relaxation and calmer sense of being
  • ability to switch into and maintain a calm/relaxed state
  • improved body condition – strength, flexibility and muscle tone
  • confidence
  • well being
  • improved breathing
  • healthier states of mind
  • self understanding
  • self control
  • self mastery
  • … and many others as well



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Relaxation Techniques Beneficial To Health

“Feeling run-down? Try a little chanting, or meditation – seriously. Such relaxation techniques can boost the activity of genes involved in several processes beneficial to health, and they only take a few minutes each day to show results.”

Read full artical here; http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn23480-meditation-boosts-genes-that-promote-good-health.html

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