Constrained in Chaos

When, as we are now, we find ourselves having conform to a way of life, it shows us things. Problem is, it shows us stuff we might not want to look at. Stuff thats difficult to deal with. Whats worse, is our schooling and society really doesn’t prepare us properly for this stuff. As a result we don’t know how to handle the “stuff” and of course we don’t know how to help or support others with this “stuff”.
Of course this “stuff” comes up all through our life, just maybe more so now when we are having to live in a more constrained way.
Utlimalty this is an opportunity to allow ourselves to sit with the troubles, thoughts and emotions which may be more prevelant.
Take some time find a serene place, and allow yourself to witness the mind, to feel the emotions. To accept yourself with all of this and to be present with it. Do not shy away from it, face it, accept it. Allow your emotions to flow and be kind to yourself.
This is yoga … read the yogic texts, you will see, posture work came later. Posture work can help, it’s a great thing to do, but to miss the mind and emotions is to miss a great deal.

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Om and Mandukya Upanishad

In yoga Om is often chanted and you may have heard about Om, or Aum. There is also alot of symbolic meaning within the Om symbol as well. The meaning of Om can also be found in the Mandukya Upanishad which is one of the key yogic texts.

I just came accross an online version of the Manukya upanishad and whats more you can download it as a PDF too, for free. Many thanks indeed to Swami Krishnananda. The link is just below;


I hope you enjoy reading about Om and the four states of consciousness.


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Sadhguru 2018 – How To Manage Your Mind? – AMAZING Speech By Sadhguru

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