Workshop – Introduction to Yoga and Daily Life

This free workshop introduces you to various facets and tools from yoga. During the workshop you will be shown how yoga is relevant to you, and how it can be used in daily life so that you have options (if you so wish) to apply yoga on a personal level. Handouts included.

Consider attending this workshop if you are …

  • interested in finding out more about yoga
  • in need of some physical exercise and relaxation
  • an existing student of mine or another teacher
  • studying to teach yoga (or thinking of)
  • a yoga teacher (material usable in your classes)
  • looking to cope with life better
  • looking to enjoy a nice yoga workshop
  • interested in experiencing yoga first hand

The workshop is suitable for anyone. From little or no experience, to those longer-term yogis with more experience. This is due to the subject matter and range of yoga covered. All are welcome. Postures will be adapted to all levels of ability.


  • Explain a rounded understanding of yoga
  • Share ways you can use yoga in daily life
  • Perform yoga practices (physical and non-physical)
  • Provide space to be yourself and enjoy the workshop
  • Promote well-being

We have 15 places available, first come first served.

The location is a venue in Crewe (Cheshire), details can be found using CW1 4NJ (opposite the Horseshoe Pub) or by visiting the website venues website

The workshop is being held on the following dates/times: –

  • April 21st              09:30
  • July 21st                14:00
  • October 27th          14:00

The workshop builds on material and ideas first shared with yoga teachers and students at a free yoga day for the British Wheel of Yoga North West region. We received good feedback. Some reported they felt inspired to incorporate what they had learned into their own lives.

About Russell

Russell has taught yoga for over 8 years, practicing daily over 14 years. A regular student at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales for over 11 years. He is a practical down to earth person. Therefore, his teachings are understandable and accessible to a wide range of people. He has written several yoga articles for British Wheel of Yoga publications.


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