Being nice and trying to please other people doesn’t work

Being nice and trying to please other people doesn’t work. Seeking a better understanding of who we are and what we would need is vital. This will help us see more clearly what is healthy and appropriate for us, and which courses of actions are sensible to choose from.

In some cases we may need to be selfless and act for the benefit of others, and at other times we must act in our own interests. Without first understanding ourselves and the situations we find ourself in at any given moment, we will be unable to make good choices. Problems will arise causing unecessary pain and suffering to ourself and others.

Our behaviour patterns need to become healthy. We need to transform, like a furnace melting gold and burning out the impurities, we must remove the impurities within. Very often this requires we go through challenges and difficulties to burn out the impurities we have getting in our way. When a pipe is blocked so is the flow and all sorts of problems arise. Clear the blockage and there is no problem. With understanding we can let go of our attachments and aversions.

Regular meditation is the fundemental practice to help in our lives. But any practice which takes us beyond our baggage and into the present moment will bring relief and refuge for a little while.

Allow wisdom and insight to arise and guide you.

The question is “Why?” and then ask the same question of the answer until you find the real cause of your suffering. Only then can you hope to burn out the impurities or clear the blockages.

Face your fears. Face your darkness with the the light of understanding. Engage with life and open up.

Please do not in fear and sluggishness turn your back on yourself. You, more than anyone, deserve your own love and understanding.

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