Relaxation for Home Practice

Here is a short relaxation I developed over my years of personal yoga practice. This can be very good to use before you go to bed. Should you have any questions about this relaxation, or want to be guided through through it, please contact me.


Purpose: idea is to settle the body and mind ready for the main relaxation

  • Lay down, arms and legs slightly (and comfortably) apart, slightly rolled outwards.
  • Tip: Rolling the arms/shoulders outwards can help flatten the shoulders more comfortably, and provide some support for the lower back. Also you may find soft  support for lower back, head, and/or under knees useful
  • Allow your eyes to close
  • Progressively relax the face; eyes, cheeks, lips, jaw, tongue (give space betwen each)
  • Take a few moments to feel the body contacting the ground


Purpose: This is where we really work with relaxation and can spend as much time as we need

  • Awareness to the following body parts, for one breath each
    • Feet
    • Legs
    • Hands
    • Arms
    • Shoulders
    • Neck
    • Whole Body
    • Awareness to breath (let the body breath, just observe and let go into the process).
      • Allow counting up to 9 or 27 and then down to 1 with each count being count on in breath, mentally saying letting go on the out breath. You can bring awareness too areas of tension (individual, groups or en-mass) when you mentally repeat “letting go”. The count be varied, but 9 or 27 are good to start with.


Purpose: Where we bring ourselves out of the relaxed state and back to the external environment

  • Then bring awareness to the following, making sure you take your time
    • Body
    • Sounds
    • Gently move the body and start breathing into the abdomen more actively

And that’s a fantastic short relaxation/meditation, you will find as you practice relaxation techniques more and more, you will be able to obtain deeper states of relaxation. As you become more familiar you can adapt change and make the seuqnde your own.

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