Starting a Personal Practice

Do you ever feel you would like to practice yoga at home? maybe start to practice regularly in addition to attending a yoga class? The good news is that it’s simpler than you think. You may feel that you don’t know enough, or start doubting or second guessing that feeling, but don’t. When the urge to practice more or on your own arises, that’s your instincts guiding you towards something you need.

My top 5 tips to starting to practice outside of class are

  1. Set a resolve and intent to get to your yoga mat, and try your best to stick to it. It will become easier and more consistent with time. This is the biggest hurdle. Just start, and don’t worry about what you will do. Just get to the mat, and accept it when you don’t manage to to do that, but KEEP trying. Remember that sometimes you won’t be able to do your practice for health reasons, but do watch the minds ability to trick you. The rewards really are worth it.
  2. Start very simple and easy, and build on it over time. There is no rush, establish a practice and keep it simple. Once you get used to a regular simple practice you will be ready to develop what and how you practice. I started with picking 6pm on a Wednesday.  I chose to sit with eyes closed for a few moments, before doing cat and then sitting again and watching the breath. My whole practice started as less than 5 minutes once a week, it is now an advanced, strong and very rewarding practice that I do week day mornings for 90 minutes.
  3. Be content with what ever you can do and allow the yoga classes and your practice help guide you. When you start practicing on your own, you begin the process of becoming your own teacher. As you start to practice questions will arise that once answered will help you with your personal practice. These questions become answered either during class, or by asking the teacher, although sometimes during your own practice sessions on other days. You may fnd having questions about your home practice gives you the focus during class to answer the questions yourself, because you have more focus for what you want out of the class you get more out of it. You may even find you think about which postures are right for you to use at home in order to develop your practice.
  4. Listen to your body and your own needs.
  5. Enjoy the practice and don’t rush.

Namaste, Yoga Bija (a.k.a. Russell)

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